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Gabriel Reynolds

When Brokeness
Has A Voice

My name is Gabriel R. Reynolds. I am a Preacher, Evangelist, and Bible study teacher.
This story is focused on prayer, and having a relationship with God, as well as past experiences in my life. Yes, I was broken, wounded, and bitter to begin with. Piece by piece I began to heal. When you take all that hurt, and pain to an altar, and you begin to weep to God, you get into a higher place. That's where God begins to pull you closer and give you peace of mind and heart. You have to allow your heart to be tender. You need to feel the hurt, and cry. God is able to heal your spirit, and your brokenness.
God will begin to pull you out of that captivity. When you are out of captivity, you will begin to grow. As you continue seeking God, he will take you to a higher place. If you are sensitive to God he will lead you in the right way to deal with things. When your brothers, sisters, or friends are in captivity, and hurting spiritually, he will put a burden on you to pray for them.
If you want God to do something, you have to let it be known! How bad do you want this? Are you wanting your children, mom, dad, or brothers to come back to church? What are you willing to sacrifice? Do you see your needs or hopes becoming your miracle? Do you envision them as a reality in your life? You receive by faith, and praying.
The only way you can truly help them is by doing Gods purpose. He brought you out of captivity, to send you back into it, so that you can help pull others out also. How you do this is by fasting, and going to the altar while weeping for them. Cry out in agony, allowing yourself to feel their pain. When allowing God to let you feel their pain you experience empathy for them, and put it all on the altar. Sometimes they can’t do it themselves. They are stuck in captivity, hurting, bitter, and angry and they cannot get out, because of the wall in front of them. The only way to remove it is for someone with a real burden to hit their knees, and cry!

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